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Our story

About us

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who dropped out of college to develop the next-big-thing. With many sleepless nights of coding, hard work and a spoonful of luck they were more successful than they had imagined was even possible... We were one of those, when we started our first startup.

Now, more than ten years later, we are more confident than ever. We believe in what we do. It’s who we are. We love cutting-edge technology that makes your life more convenient and we are not afraid of taking the risk to try something new.

What we do

With mysms we strive to change the way we communicate today. Communication is everywhere and should not be locked to one single phone. mysms aims to make messaging easier and fully independent from an individual platform.

It all started in early 2010 when we all sat together talking about the future of mobile communications. We just knew the time was right for a tool that brings synchronized communication to every device. A few months later we put all our efforts into creating the service you know as mysms today.

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